I’m a Mom Who Is Listening To What The CDC Says About Vaccines.

Today, I’m going to pretend we can trust the data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website to make decisions on whether or not to vaccinate. I’m going to ignore the fact that a CDC scientist revealed that he and his colleagues committed scientific fraud by omitting and destroying statistically significant data showing risks associated with vaccines, because it has already been documented here, here, and here. I’m also going to pretend that every child who has a reaction to a vaccine has a parent who realizes and reports it. I know that’s impossible since most people haven’t perused the government website that discusses injuries occurring 42 days after vaccination. I’m also going to assume that all physicians have been trained to identify vaccine injuries, even though I have yet to meet a single doctor who was educated on this in medical school.

The CDC states on their website “Like any medication, vaccines can cause side effects. The most common side effects are mild. On the other hand, many vaccine-preventable disease symptoms can be serious, or even deadly. Even though many of these diseases are rare in this country, they still occur around the world and can be brought into the U.S. putting unvaccinated children at risk.”

This commentary is parroted by the majority of pediatricians, journalists, and those who fancy themselves “pro-science,” with no attention to the statistics and extensive fine print on the CDC’s website proving otherwise.

The table below was compiled using information from the CDC’s official website.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 8.05.21 PM

Click here for a larger PDF of this table. Because adequate data in each category does not exist related to chicken pox, influenza, HPV, Hepatitis A and B, and rotavirus, these are not included in this table. Ironically, these vaccines carry some of the most significant and alarming risks.

Based on the CDC’s reported data, I’d like to propose they update their website with a more accurate and factual revision that reads: “Like any medication, vaccines can cause side effects. The most common side effects that doctors are aware of and willing to document are mild, however On the other hand, many vaccine side effects preventable disease symptoms can be serious, or even deadly. Even though many of these diseases are rare in this country, they still occur around the world and can be brought into the U.S. putting unvaccinated children at a minuscule risk, similar to the risk of a child being attacked by a crazy clown this year. The risk of an unvaccinated American child being struck by lightning far outweighs the risk of someone giving them polio, but stating that out loud isn’t good for business and we do quite well for ourselves financially by going to work for drug companies once we leave here. You’ll notice if you look closely at the data we provide on our website, that the statistical risks associated with each dose of each vaccine are much greater than the risks associated with not being up to date on vaccines.

Speaking of the risks associated with each vaccine, what does “very rare” mean? How many people experience coma, permanent brain damage, or death from vaccines? The CDC isn’t telling us. Undoubtedly is it is more common than the number of people in the United States who have been diagnosed with diphtheria and polio this year. Additionally, I purposely omitted side effects most parents don’t consider worrisome, like the fussiness that occurs in one of three children receiving DTaP or the tiredness or poor appetite that occurs in one of ten. The truth is, we don’t know exactly what these side effects might mean long term.

We do know that nonstop or inconsolable crying, high fever, and seizures*** are also signs of encephalitis. Consequences of encephalitis include: persistent fatigue, weakness or lack of muscle coordination, personality changes, memory problems, paralysis, hearing or vision defects, speech impairments.

Do you know how coordination problems, memory problems, personality changes, and speech impairments are diagnosed in newborns and young infants?

Me neither, but you can be assured that if it’s noted at your child’s 18 or 24 month well child exam, along with suggestion he or she should be evaluated for a developmental delay or autism, your pediatrician won’t connect it back to any vaccine.

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28 thoughts on “I’m a Mom Who Is Listening To What The CDC Says About Vaccines.

  1. I listened to what the CDC said about vaccines. For years.

    If there were anything in my life I could have a do-over for, it would be for that.

    I listened to what the CDC said about vaccines. It never occurred to me that they might not be truthful.

    It never occurred to me that industries lied about their products, and then provided staff members for government committees to decide on recommending those lied-about products.

    I will never listen to the CDC about anything again.

    Liars cannot be trusted.


    1. Anyone want the truth on zika (ie vaccine damage, Dtap in Brazil) email me angelaoffer@hotmail.com or angelaeisenhauer@protonmail.com seems I been near 100% blocked on facebook but have a look anyway angela coral eisenhauer if this fails phone me Australia 0406668237 If that fails, we better buy some homing pigeons! (Proud whistleblower on Dtap fraud). Oh, rise of whooping cough 500% that Dtap and merck keeping quiet? Just ask (or shall we blame all the vaccinated kids getting whooping cough on the non vaccinated babies perhaps?).


  2. The occurrences are rare because everyone is vaccinated. Once everyone stops getting vaccinated, these diseases will reappear.


    1. 50% of Americans are not up to date on vaccines. When was your last Hepatitis A vaccine? How about pneumovax? Notice the “minimum number of Americans not up to date on vaccine” tab for each vaccine? 50% hardly constitutes “everyone.” Herd immunity is a farce.


    2. LOL! There has never been, and will be, herd immunity through vaccination. It’s simply impossible.

      Between the fact that vaccines have limited efficacy, that the advertised efficacy of them is determined by the resultant production of antibodies (which does not predict immunity to the disease), that vaccine “efficacy” wanes in a matter of a few years (10 at the very most), and that most adults are not “up-to-date” on all the vaccines on the CDC schedule, and it is obvious to anyone with critical thinking skills that vaccine-induced herd immunity is a myth.

      True research into “VPDs” shows a much different story than that told by the CDC. When one sees the ties between that agency and pharmaceutical companies, there is really no question why. There should also be no question as to whether or not they can be trusted to be unbiased.


    3. What about scarlet fever and plague? Think they’ll reappear because people don’t vaccinate? Oh, wait, there was never a vaccine for those.

      Meanwhile, diseases like pertussis, HIB, and HPV are mutating BECAUSE of the vaccines for those diseases, and non-vaccine strains are becoming both more prevalent and more virulent. And the pertussis vaccine doesn’t even prevent colonization and transmission of the disease. Vaccinated individuals can still spread the disease, only they won’t have symptoms, so they won’t know they’re contagious. Think about that next time Grandma and Grandpa get vaccinated and then come plaster kisses all over your baby’s face.


    4. 95% vaccination rate for whooping cough Australia. In 1991 with 50% vac rate we had 341 cases of whooping cough. By 2010, this had increased 500%, can you explain again how diseases will reappear if we stop getting vaccinated. The truth is, now proven, the Dtap vaccine allows the near constant spread, over and over in the Dtap kids. Newborn babies are being infected by symptomless vaccinated siblings. despite all this and a 500% increase in whooping cough (+++with symptoms+++ ) (higher than pre vaccine era) we do not have dead babies. We have antibiotics, if the mother realises the sibling is infected, Australia now gives the newborns preventative antibiotics, and no more deaths.


  3. I listened to the cdc and got a flu shot. 12 years later still trying to recover. My settlement from vaccine court does not come close to paying off my medical bills


  4. “The occurrences are rare because everyone is vaccinated. Once everyone stops getting vaccinated, these diseases will reappear.” First, everyone is not vaccinated, not even close! Second, what about viruses we don’t have vaccines for or we don’t vaccinate for anymore? For example, tuberculosis is very rare, but we don’t vaccinate for because it showed that the vaccine was very ineffective and had too many side effects. Our Biology professor told us that the reason we don’t have it anymore is better sanitation and nutrition. One must at least consider that the numbers got better with other viruses and or bacteria as well, than just be stubborn and say it’s all thanks to vaccines!!


  5. This is a great article. Thank you so much for the information, especially the statistical risk chart. Do you by any chance have that for the meningitis vaccine? I know that many of the “rapid and almost instant deaths” associated with meningitis are from the vaccine trials, but I don’t have the numbers etc. like you have in the chart.


  6. The argument is flawed because you need to compare pre-vaccinations data on probabilities of contracting diseases along with potential deaths. While I hear your argument, this is just too big of a flaw. When there are flaws, it makes it difficult for a person like myself to embrace the potential for there to be truth.


    1. Nicole, consider the advances in medicine that we’ve seen since vaccines first came on the market. When the polio vaccine was introduced, women were smoking cigarettes to stay thin during pregnancy. Nobody knew the cause of heart attack and heart disease at that point. To think the advances we’ve seen in medicine over the past sixty years would be meaningless to the survival rates of VPDs is silly. Not to mention… I’m assuming if you’re reading this you had the chicken pox as a child and that it was a non-event. Chicken pox is statistically riskier than most of the things we vaccinate against.


      1. I definitely agree that advances in medicine need to be taken into consideration and wasn’t saying that it shouldn’t. But the spirit of this article didn’t from my perspective address this issue and leaving out these key components are dangerous. For me, I am pro-vaccination to an extent….I am very ANTI-neurotoxins added to vaccinations to cut corners/save money (e.g. thimerosal as a preservative). If we peeled out these neurotoxins, I believe this debate would look very different. I actually chose to not vaccinate my child against chicken pox and the flu since a normal healthy immune system can effectively fight these off so I hear you, but I think we need to be careful how we present statistics and ensure we are doing so in a prudent manner.


      2. It isn’t only neurotoxins that are problematic. If you are choosing not to vaccinate for flu and chicken pox, you haven’t done your research. Statistically these are more dangerous than most other things you’re vaccinating for. They’re just familiar to you which is why you don’t fear them.


    2. I agree with Nicole. The potential complications of the diseases are insanely exaggerated, as is the efficacy of the vaccines. But it we’re citing statistics, we CANNOT ignore the fact that the likelihood of contracting the disease in the first place is lower than it was pre-vaccine. And if we use “likelihood of contracting the diseases is low” as our argument to avoid the vaccine, we’re playing right into pharma’s hands, as they will say we’re abusing the immunity of those who got the vaccine.

      What we CAN argue is how much of an impact the vaccines made.

      In the case of measles, the vaccine made a significant impact FOR 3-15-YEAR-OLDS. The fact that vaccine-induced immunity is temporary (contrary to manufacturer promises) is an enormous flaw in the vaccine.

      On the other hand, other diseases, like scarlet fever, seem to be virtually eliminated, and declined at the same rate, during the same time span, as measles. And there is no vaccine for scarlet fever.


      1. Considering how many tens of millions of people aren’t up to date, I would hardly consider it playing into pharma’s hands. Scarlet fever has not been virtually eliminated. I had it last year. The incidence has decreased due to antibiotics.


  7. Anyone want research papers, information, on the useless Dtap, let me know. feel free to copy and write, anything you wish with information supplied
    Whistleblower on Dtap, and Dtap caused microcephalic babies.
    angela coral eisenhauer (fb)
    if all else fails, phone number is Australia 0406668237 thanks!


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