Much Ado About Nothing: 15 Things Way More Deadly In The U.S. Than Measles

Last week, a journalist for the Boston Herald Called for the lynching of vaccine safety activists ostensibly responsible for uptick of measles cases in Minnesota. Much like the measles outbreak at Disneyland, hysteria over the situation has grown by the day. Measles can kill and that isn’t something I take lightly but can we just take one second and get real about how serious measles actually is?

As it turns out, measles is much less dangerous and deadly in the United States than:

  1. Toddlers bearing weapons
  2. Bonging Too Much Beer
  3. Murderous Mothers-in-law
  4. Eating Raw Cookie Dough
  5. Mean Spirited Cows
  6. Lawnmowers
  7. Milk
  8. Sledding
  9. Dog Bites
  10. Undercooked Burgers
  11. Playing Lacrosse
  12. Tylenol
  13. Medical Errors
  14. Autism
  15. Getting the Measles Vaccine

I hear those of you out there screaming at your iPhones. “People aren’t dying of measles here because of herd immunity.” I am sorry, but tens of millions of Americans aren’t up to date on their vaccines so that argument carries no weight.

And let’s not forget this. Back before money, greed, and liability free vaccine manufacturing allowed the CDC and AAP immunization schedule to expand like wild-fire, the Brady Bunch and the Flinstones handled the measles like champs. Their communities weren’t calling for their lynchings and none of them feared an untimely death. Perhaps we could learn a lesson or two from them.

~Ashlyn Washington



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