High Priest of Public Health, Senator Richard Pan, Votes to Stop Penalizing Those Who Knowingly Spread HIV

Last week, the LA Times reported that The High Priest of Public Health, Senator Richard Pan, voted to stop penalizing those who knowingly expose others to HIV though unprotected sex. Under the bill, failing to disclose one has HIV or AIDS before engaging in unprotected sex will no longer be a felony.

The bill would also apply to those who donate blood or semen despite the knowledge they have HIV or AIDS. Senator Pan argued that penalizing those who knowingly infect others with HIV undermines public health.

This might be a less shocking assault on common sense were it not for the fact that Senator Pan also holds the title of Mandated Vaccination Czar of California. The same man who pushed relentlessly to mandate vaccination, saying “I’ve personally witnessed the suffering caused by these preventable diseases and I am very grateful to the many parents that are now speaking up and letting us know that our current laws don’t protect their kids” voted for a bill that will cause a lifetime of serious immune dysfunction for countless unsuspecting individuals.

Senator Pan argues that parents who refuse to vaccinate their newborn for a sexually transmitted virus are menaces to public health who must be kept in line with a law. In the next breath, he argues to give a free pass to those who purposely sign up to taint the blood supply. He touts both bills as of the utmost importance to public health.

He claims the financial cost of treating chicken pox is more than our country can bear. He claims the human suffering associated with a week-long rash is morally reprehensible. He claims a law to prevent the spread of HIV undermines public health.

Mandated vaccines and penalty free spread of HIV have one thing in common; they both create customers for pharmaceutical companies.

Beyond that, Senator Pan’s response to a week of chicken pox versus a lifetime of HIV could not be more incongruent. As an unknown author once said, “If the words don’t add up, it’s usually because the truth wasn’t included in the equation.”

Sorry Senator Pan. A blind bat can see mandated vaccines plus penalty free spread of HIV add up to only one thing: a fat paycheck for you.


-Ashlyn Washington

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