Choosing Resilience: A Letter To Myself On The Days Parenting A Child With Special Needs Nearly Swallows Me Whole

Be still. Breathe. I know how heavy your heart is. It feels so oppressive and suffocating and daunting to be tasked with being not only a mother, but master of all trades. You’re overwhelmed keeping track of all you must accomplish each day. All the balls you must juggle to keep things from spiraling into... Continue Reading →

All The Problems With PANS: An Open Letter To The Medical Community

Dear Doctor, I’m sure you’re aware that back in 2012, PANS (Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome) was formally proposed and described in a white paper by a small handful of physicians who had extensive expertise in PANDAS. While this was welcome news to those who recognized that the neuropsychiatric features seen in PANDAS were also seen... Continue Reading →

Walking in Quicksand

As I prepared for my firstborn's arrival, I had no doubt motherhood would suit me well. I had been taking care of babies since I was practically a baby myself and I adored kids. I'd easily managed the minor challenges I'd faced in my mostly charmed life. Hard work had always meant success, and I... Continue Reading →

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